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The Chaoda Group was established for over 30 years in Fujian, where Fujian is the place of origin of the new era socialism with Chinese characteristics promoted by President Xi. On Chaoda’s development road, each step engraved with President Xi's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics. President Xi has visited and providing guidance to Chaoda seven times over the past 30 years, and has raised ardent expectations and sincere demands for us. Chaoda always keeps in mind the request by president Xi and strives to meet the needs of the PRC citizen and consumers for a better living standard. Through the establishment of a long-term and stable interest alignment with farmers, it had fortuned for cumulative of nearly 100,000 households. In 2008, Chaoda successfully completed the mission to provide quality and safety catering supply to the Beijing Olympics Paralympic Games, Chaoda is the only Olympic supplier in the agricultural field that was commentated by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. In 2017, Chaoda also successfully completed the mission to provide high quality of vegetables to the BRICS leaders meeting in Xiamen. In 2018, Chaoda’s brand was valued at RMB45.642 billion, ranking as number 1 brand in green agriculture in China for 14 consecutive years. Chaoda is the executive chairman unit of China's rural one-two-three industry integration development alliance, the vice president unit of China Agricultural Industrialization Leading Enterprise Association, the president of China Vegetable Distribution Association one-two-three industry Branch, and the Fujian Provincial Agricultural Industrialization Leading Enterprise Association. The top 100 national agricultural industrialization leading enterprises jointly assessed by the Ministry of Agriculture and other nine ministries.

Facing the historical and struggle the goal, the company focused on solving the three major issue in China's agriculture - "production balance, poverty problem, food safety", with initiated the supply side structural reform of agriculture and carry out poverty alleviation task. Chaoda will use the “county” as the production and supply unit, target to promote the operation partnership business model of “Chaoda + poor households + farmers + cooperatives + agricultural enterprises + village collectives” in more than 2,000 counties and cities across the country, taking the lead in vegetables and gradually expanding to include all kinds of agricultural products such as fruits, rice, mushroom, meat, eggs and poultry products, seafood, etc., promoting to party committees and all level governments to jointly integrate organisations, troops, people's groups, enterprises and institutions, establish the fair value of agricultural products based on "cost + reasonable profit", preferentially develop the partnership production base, realize the customized production of agriculture, build the "honeycomb" agricultural supply chain layout with "provincial" as the unit, and form the equilibrium of agricultural products at a higher level.

Chaoda always closely follow with Present Xi's emphasis, "The key to rural revitalization is to revitalize the agricultural industry; industrial poverty alleviation should take measures to support the production and marketing of agricultural products in poverty-stricken areas." Unswervingly implementing the rural revitalization, unswervingly developing customized agriculture, unswervingly advocating to establish the fair value of agricultural products and unswervingly promoting Chaoda partnership business model, no matter how difficult the situation is, we keep working hard to achieving our mission.